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Damon L. Alexander, Th.M, MPA,  was born in Pasadena, California but has lived in San Bernardino for more than 30 years.


He served his country as a federal law enforcement officer and has since retired and now serves his community as a realtor “making peoples dreams come true”.


Damon is the immediate past President of the North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) and has initiated the NENA’s Christmas home decorating event which has inspired a friendly community contest among the residents.  NENA in conjunction with the Arrowhead County Club is now planning a family Halloween Festival where children and families can come together to socialize and enjoy the day.


Felicia Alexander (Damon’s wife) founded the San Bernardino Turkey Trot of which he is the Co-Race Director.  The SB Turkey Trot is truly one of  San Bernardino’s bright spots.


Damon sits as a Commissioner on the San Bernardino's Board of Public Safety.  He is also on the City's Veterans Committee, where they are actively planning for Veteran's Day 2020.


When Damon gets elected as a member of the city council, he will strive to create jobs opportunities for our residents as well as for our University students in San Bernardino.  He will require better fiscal management and accounting of our tax dollars.  He will seek to improve basic services, (i.e., potholes, street cleaning). He will enlist partnerships with all who want and can assist the city, so the city can stop threating us with closures to our libraries, and community centers.


Damon was selected as a 'Veteran of the Year' honoree in 2011 by Assemblywoman Amina Carter.

He also assisted in building homes for veterans with Habitat for Humanity.


Damon is married to Felicia Alexander and they have a blended family of five.


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