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Damon L. Alexander

San Bernardino City Council | 7th Ward

Seventh Ward 'Certificate Request' Guidelines

Please read the criteria below before submitting the certificate request form.

- Certificates are provided as a courtesy and issued by San Bernardino City Councilmember Damon L. Alexander to recognize and honor individuals for their contributions to the Seventh Ward and the City of San Bernardino.

- Certificates are issued to recognize milestone occasions of exceptional significance.

- Certificates are only issued to current Seventh Ward residents or organizations within the Ward or the City of San Bernardino.

- Two certificates will be provided per organization or individual per year.

- The honoree must have made a significant contribution to the Seventh Ward or the City of San Bernardino.

- You may not request a certificate for yourself.

- The Councilmember's office reserves the right to rescind a certificate if false or misleading information was provided in the application.

- The Councilmember’s office reserves the right to decline any certificate request.

Please Note:
Certificate requests must be submitted 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the date needed. Requests will be reviewed and the requester will be notified of approval or denial in a timely manner. Due to the high volume of requests, the Councilmember’s office may not be able to accommodate your request even if the criteria outlined above are met.

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