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Damon L. Alexander

San Bernardino City Council | 7th Ward


Our Community

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City Resources

Issues Facing Our Community

SB Police Diversity

San Bernardino community leader Hardy Brown pushing for more diversity in police force

Brown, a black pioneer and longtime community leader, will be before city leaders at Feldheym Library, about three miles east of his Sixth Ward home, watching from his motorized wheelchair as his wife of 56 years, former Assemblywoman Cheryl Brown, reads two-plus hours of work in the three minutes she and all public speakers are allotted at City Council meetings.

Our Animal Shelter

The San Bernardino Animal Shelter with its lack of funds is severely struggling to keep its doors open!

All we are asking for is for you to go through your closets and donate the blankets that you are no longer using. 
These blankets will be used to keep these precious dogs and cats warm through the upcoming cold nights.

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